9 Things That Sum Up Being Gluten Free (Stranger Things Edition)


Whatever your reason for doing so, going gluten free can turn your world upside down, but it’s not all bad! I think this is what sums up being gluten free in my own instance. If you love gluten free food, and Stranger Things, well you’re in luck! So read on for more.

1. When you get home after being told you have to go gluten free, and reading the list of things you can no longer eat…
2. …Then going to the supermarket and seeing the price of the gluten free alternatives.


3. And making a friend in the free from aisle.


4. Forgetting to plan in advance when you go out for the day and struggling to find somewhere to eat, which means one thing. You’re HANGRY.


5. When a gluten free brand drops a new, exciting product in the Supermarkets.


6. Your friends reactions to you answering “So what happens when you eat gluten?”


7. And YOUR reaction when someone asks it you for the 3748526th time.


8. When a restaurant advertises something as gluten free but takes no effort whatsoever to prevent cross contact with gluten items.


9. Reading relatable things online, and realising we’re all in this together!


And on that note, it’s time for me to settle down and continue the new season!

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