What it’s Actually like to be gluten free.

So you’re a coeliac, have a gluten allergy, or seriously ill from it. Or you’re reading this because you want to understand your friend/spouse/family member. Read on, because this posts for you. And it has gifs.

1. When you come back to your home after getting told to go gluten free, and bin your soft bread.



2. When your friends invite you out but your food anxiety about restaurants is going craaaaayyy



3. Having to pack emergency foods on days out just in case.



4. Answering back to people when they say, what can you eat?


Uhmm. Have you seen the free from aisles now? There’s tons of gluten free food for us.


5. There’s always one who says they’ve been gluten free for a brief moment and didn’t get why people do it.


You cut out bread because you wanted to lose weight. It’s NOT THE SAME THING.


6. Never getting to join in when someone brings food into the staffroom at work.



7. Oh, and wishing you had a pound for every time you had to answer questions as to why you can’t eat it.


You could buy tons of high quality gluten free bread then!


8. Having the courage to actually go for a meal, and the gluten free option is a salad.

Or even worse, the dessert is a fruit salad. #Fruitsaladisnotadessert


9. Being an expert label reader on your first week of being gluten free.



10. The arguments over vinegar between other coeliacs on forums.



11. The endless amounts of potatoes.


Boil ’em , mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew.


12. Spending money on new gluten free foods that end up falling apart or having holes in.



13. Finding gluten free food that wont require you to take out a bank loan.




14. And reading this and finding out you’re not alone.


So on that note. Continue to be positive, when things seem rubbish, remember we are all together in this and focus on you.

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3 thoughts on “What it’s Actually like to be gluten free.

  1. My wheat allergy got reactivated – and in the worst way ever – after consuming soy products for 6 weeks. So most food I’m having to buy now is gluten free. And I have a problem eating meat – I rather eat fish with a little chicken. I was so pleased with my soy sausages until I realised the link between soya and wheat allergies, that soy was making me ill. So, I’m having to work out a new diet again. I only started eating the soy after the protein results in my blood tests came back too low…

    Georgina, I’m a new follower to your blog. I look forward to reading future posts 🙂 xo Faith


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