Ten things that suck about being gluten free.


1.Going to a party after being told ‘there will be gluten free things for you to eat’ and then seeing the state of the buffet.


Fruit salad? Cheese and pineapple hedgehog?  Oh dear… Pre-Eating is now a thing for me when it comes to parties. Now everybody say it with me, ‘FRUIT SALAD IS NOT A DESSERT’

2. Travelling so far to a Supermarket to get your hands on a new gluten free product.


3. But they don’t have it. Or even worse, a bulk buyer has decided they need it to keep in their freezer until they forget about it.


Yes, we know who you are, nobody needs 8 baguettes and 5 farmhouse loaves when there will be a delivery tomorrow.

4. People asking what happens when you eat gluten and you having to explain for the millionth time.


If I had a pound for every time I said that, I could afford to be a bulk buyer.

5. Falling in love with a product, only for it to get discontinued because of customer demand. Damn you fad dieters giving up.


They give us a bad reputation, now Tesco, please bring back your Naan Breads.

6. Not having anybody who wants to share your gluten free cake because they think it would taste rubbish, and having to eat the whole thing on your own.


I mean, it’s not a bad thing, right? Treat yo’self.

7. Getting absolutely smashed before all of your friends do because your only alcohol options are  Jack Daniels, Vodka and Wine.


8. When someone tells you they have tried a new food and they say “It says it’s gluten free but I can’t tell the difference.”


Really Mandy? Did you expect it to taste like cardboard? Why are you eating cardboard anyway for you to know what it tastes like? New food fad?

9. Planning to go  somewhere new for the day, and spending hours researching places to eat that aren’t chain restaurants because you’re poor.


Jacket potatoes and meal deals it is…

10. And getting glutened.


That awful belly bloat and all of the other random and bizarre symptoms that we get. Safe to say I would rather have the other 9 annoying things happen than be out of action from a slip up.

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel, we have so many good foods to eat and a fantastic community of gluten free foodies, it makes these problems so minute ! 

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