Ten things that RULE about being gluten free.

So, getting told you can’t eat gluten anymore, finding out it has been making you sick this whole time, and the new prescription rules can kinda suck. I already touched upon the things that suck about being gluten free in my post about it, which you can read HERE

But two and a bit years on after the news was told to me, I have noticed a big change in things, both in supermarkets and in myself. I thought I would share the positive things with you guys!

1.You pretty much have a new found relationship with food that you never had before.giphy9

I never used to be able to cook properly, and my baking wasn’t all THAT great. I used to love ready to oven cook meals, they were my life. Now, with all the food labelling rules, and the food we CAN eat that mother nature provided us with, I feel like meal time now is the BEST EVER. I love getting the extra nutrition from veggies I had never heard of until my diagnosis. 15 year old me would have thought Kale was a city.

2. Supermarkets have bigger aisles for us and everything!

Supermarkets are catching on to the gluten free trend, and in the wake of prescription cuts, they are some people’s only option. Loaves and pizza’s galore, plus it’s even mentioned on the adverts now! I’ve noticed a huge difference in the products available now, it’s fantastic.

3. Bread has improved so much.

And although from my experience, the better breads are the smallest ones, brands are getting better by the day. I remember my first loaf was SO BAD, it was Sainsbury’s own. But brands like JUST and Sainsbury’s fresh bread exist. And they are SO GOOD.

4. The internet can be amazing for us. 

Forums, Facebook groups, and social media platforms really help you feel like you’re not alone. They’re also really great for recipe inspiration, quick lunch ideas and finding out all of the new gluten free goodies that are available in the shops. There is nothing I like better about the internet than connecting with my followers and seeing all of their amazing food creations and hauls.

5. Restaurants are also catching on. 

With chains such as Chiquito getting their Coeliac UK accreditation and gluten free becoming more known in the ‘muggle world’, (Non GF) It’s great to know that if you were in an unknown city, you would be able to eat safely somewhere.

6. You no longer feel permanently exhausted, nauseous, in pain, or like you’re gonna give birth to a Xenomorph offspring whenever you eat.

And doesn’t it feel good?!! There really is no limit to what you can do when your gluten free diet starts making a difference to your body! In the words of Rosie the Riveter, You can do it!

7. When you find somewhere new that does gluten free options, it can be amazing! 

There are always new places popping up, small independent cafe’s, market stalls, the list goes on. It’s always when you assume they won’t do anything GF friendly that they go and surprise you with an A-Board stating ‘GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS’ In massive letters!


This year’s Coeliac Awareness week is between the 8th to the 14th of May. Put it in your diary, your spouse’s diary, your friend’s diary. But also, join Coeliac UK and their ‘Gluten Free Revolution’ so your experience can get even better!

9. You save money when you go out for drinks with friends.


Because spirits and wine are the main things behind the bar that are safe to drink. If you can find somewhere with gluten free beer, that’s amazing! But if you’re like me, and you get wasted so easily, a glass of wine is good enough to keep you jolly.

10. You’re not alone.

 Some people can’t eat sugar, some can’t eat meat, nuts, eggs, fish, dairy, and you can’t eat gluten. So many people have allergies to things. And even though Coeliac disease and intolerances are VERY different from allergies, you probably know people who have dietary needs just like yourself! And you’ve got this!

So look on the bright side. It’s not all bad news and cardboard tasting food!

Thanks for reading,



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