UK Lockdown: 31 Businesses still delivering gluten free goodness.

Since the UK has been in Lockdown, some of us may have been unable to leave the house  completely, and some of us have been avoiding the big supermarkets in favour of supporting our local and independently owned stores. I’m sure we can all source out our local greengrocers, butchers and convenience stores, but not all of us can grab our favourite gluten free essentials and treats.

So I thought I would share some of the gluten free businesses offering deliveries on their products.

1. Freee By Doves Farm*


Free From giant, Freee have launched a fabulous box of all your gluten free essentials. For £25 you get the following:

  • 2 x 1kg bags of Gluten Free Flour
  • 3 x packs of Gluten Free Breakfast Cereal Products
  • 2 x packs of Gluten Free Pasta or Spaghetti
  • 2 x packs of Gluten Free Oat Bars 
  • 1 x pack of a Gluten Free Mix, such as a pancake mix.

They are limited to one box per household per week, and the contents may vary. Plus, when they have reached their limit for ordering, they take it off the website.
However, I ordered the box on Wednesday Morning and it arrived on the Thursday afternoon, which was a really speedy delivery!
Kudos for Freee for making such a good effort during this tough time.

2. The Gluten Free Pie Company 

Liverpool Based gluten free pie company have been serving award winning gluten free and vegan pies around the Liverpool and surrounding areas for a while now, and are still going strong during this pandemic. Available on their website are mixed pie boxes to order, and understandably they do sell out quite fast.

3. Incredible Bakery

The Incredible Bakery make the most delicious gluten free loaves, sub rolls etc… and even some sweet treats. They also sell flours and gluten free oats.

4. Wheat-Free Bakery Direct

If you haven’t tried the Wheat Free Bakery yet, then what better time to do so, when you can enjoy their freshly baked doughnuts and treats from the comfort of your own home. They have been inundated with orders, which is really great for them! So they are trying their best to get your orders out as quickly as possible, but the last I heard, it’s a 7 day wait, which is understandable. I’d definitely keep an eye out on their website and social media for any updates.

5. My Free From Kitchen

My Free From Kitchen is a website dedicated to all things gluten free and free from things alike. For those who don’t fancy risking their favourite free from foods being unavailable on their online shop from the leading Supermarkets, this website is perfect.
Again, please allow a few days for dispatch information, as I’m sure this is another business who are getting absolutely pelted with orders.
They have a limit on pasta and flour, to prevent bulk buyers taking advantage.

6. Wildcraft Bakery

The fabulous Wildcraft have closed their premises to customers, but their products are available for local delivery in Leeds, or Mail Order Delivery to Mainland UK.
As well as their tempting cakes, bread cookies and Whoopee Pies, they also have gift vouchers available to purchase, perfect for those who have a birthday coming up in quarantine. 

7. Fodmarket

If you’re gluten free and following a low fodmap diet, Fodmarket is perfect to get your cooking sauces, snacks, and store cupboard essentials. They currently have an extensive selection of gluten free pasta available.

8. Goodness Grains Gluten Free Bakery

Goodness Grains stock croissants, bagels, and all sorts of gluten free essentials available to order online. They are based in Ireland and currently ship to the UK, but for obvious reasons, I would keep an eye on their website and social media channels in case something changes. 

9. Lotties Bakehouse

Of course, another bakery offering tasty gluten free treats, but they also offer different types of bake boxes which you can subscribe to, if you want to continually support their business. They are working so hard to get everyone’s orders out, and well done to them!

10. Bellfield Brewery

Well, since the pubs are shut, it would be a shame to not shout out Bellfield, wouldn’t it!
You can still purchase their gluten free beers, both on their online shop and on Amazon! One can only dream of the day travelling back to Edinburgh is allowed. They are also part of an initiative in Edinburgh called ‘Keep Edinburgh Thriving’ which supports all the independents , so if you’re local, definitely have a look into it.

11. Heck Foods

One thing I’ve struggled to purchase in the shops is gluten free sausages. I’ve been relying on my local convenience stores, and butchers who never have any gluten free sausages, so it’s great to see Heck’s gluten free sausages available for delivery. They are only producing a limited amount the minute, due to the demand, but well done to them!

12. Isabels Gluten Free

Isabels are still delivering their super yummy pizza base mixes, doughnut mixes and flours, as well as their gravy mix. They’re also giving new customers 15% off their first shop with the code QW5KH8JK !

13. Pizza Hut – Via Deliveroo/ Home Delivery

Pizza Hut are still operating contactless deliveries and cashless/contactless purchasing. As you’ll know, they have gluten free options on their menu, so if you’re fed up of cooking from scratch, why not order a takeaway?!

14. The Box Bakery*


I loooove The Box Bakery because their gluten free bread is so easy to make, you just pour water into the box, shake, and then bake! Again, because of demand, they only have  a limited amount of their gluten free mixes, but don’t let that put you off ordering.

15. BFree Foods

Gluten Free and Allergen Free bread company BFree have their bread, wraps, pittas and pizza bases available to purchase from their website. Of course, due to the spike in orders, they are out of stock of a few items, but their team are of course, working hard to ensure you get your order out.

16. Ruby’s Of London

For those of you London based, Gluten free and Vegan doughnut creators, Ruby’s of London have their colourful plant based doughnuts, cupcakes and brownies available to order online, to be delivered to your homes all around London.

17. Sweet Mandarin (Manchester – Deliveroo only)

The Chinese restaurant Sweet Mandarin in Manchester have a limited gluten free menu available for delivery Via Deliveroo from Tuesdays- Sundays 5pm-9pm.

18. The Bear and Bee Sweet Company

The Bear & Bee Sweet Company have a range of fizzy and non fizzy sweeties available to order online via their website. The company have a selection of gluten free, and vegan confectionary to choose from.

19. Made Marion Gluten Free

Cornish based Made Marion Gluten Free have lots of their 100% gluten free baked treats, bread, and pasties available to order on their website. They are also delivering locally to areas in Cornwall. It’s probably worth checking out their Facebook page for updates on this right HERE.

20. Davina Steel Gluten Free*

Davina Steel Gluten Free are still dispatching their award winning bread mixes, as well as their new shortbread biscuits and biscotti. I definitely recommend these guys as their focaccia mix is just soooo nice!


21. Ombar chocolate

If you’re not familiar with Ombar, they sell vegan chocolate, which is also gluten free, refined sugar free, and a more ethical choice. So for those who wish to enjoy their yummy chocolate, they are still shipping orders out on their website as usual. They’ve stepped up their hygiene regulations too, to give you peace of mind when ordering.


22. Sue’s Gluten Free Kitchen

As a fan of this brand, I am delighted that they are working ever so hard, to deliver their award winning free from products. From custard tarts, to sausage rolls and scones, they’ve got you covered.


23. Foods of Athenry 

Foods of Athenry are delivering as normal, and you can get a great selection of free from products from snacks, to store cupboard essentials.


24. Glebe Farm

For all of your gluten free breakfast and baking needs, Glebe Farm are accepting online orders for delivery, or collection from the farm gate.

They also stock gluten free oat milk, perfect for your homemade whipped coffee. I’ve tried their gluten free plain flour before, and really recommend them!


25. Skinny Lager*

This gluten free, vegan and low calorie lager is perfect for enjoying in the sunshine we have been getting since the lockdown started.

You can get a case of 12 for £14 on Amazon, and you can also order them on Ocado.

It’s perfect for making beer batter if you’re missing pub grub! Or if you’re looking for a ‘no yeast’ gluten free bread recipe, it goes perfect in my Gluten Free Soda Bread.


26. Jubel Beer

I LOVE Jubel Beer! This gluten free beer comes in three refreshing flavours, peach, grapefruit and eldeflower. You can order a case of an individual flavour, or a mixed case from their website. 

27. Simply Mix Uk 

Simply Mix do a really great bunch of mug cake mixes, available to order through their website. With the weather being warmer, it’s a bit too hot to bake for some, so these are PERFECT . They’re also great if you fancy baking a cake but don’t want to make a whole bunch of them, only for them to go to waste either.

28. Schwartz

I know a few people have been struggling to find the Schwartz gluten free recipe mixes in supermarkets, I don’t know why, but I’ve only been able to find them in Morrisons for a few months now. The good thing is, they have an online store, so you can buy your gluten free chilli mix, cheese sauce and all sorts from there.  I’m a big fan of these so have found this really useful.

29. Mexgrocer

As you can probably guess, MexGrocer stock Mexican food, and their online store seems to be working. You can buy gluten free tortillas, marinades, and store cupboard essentials.

30. St Peters Brewery*


St Peters Brewery stock 2 gluten free beers, one which is their Suffolk Gold, a full bodied, dry ale with hints of citrus. And the other is a stout! Gluten free stout is hard to find anyway, and I really loved this when I tried it for the first time a few months ago.

31. Chiltern brewery

Chiltern brewery is another craft brewery which provides gluten free beer, and you can purchase them either individually, or in a mixed case from their website here.


What have you discovered on the delivery front? Let me know on here, or on any of my social media channels.

Thanks for reading, and stay at home

Georgina x 


Please note: This information was correct at time of publishing (April 3rd) and is subject to change with the current conditions. Where you see an *, it means I’ve worked with this brand before, however all opinions are my own, and on this occasion no payment or product has been gifted in return. 

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