Could PieMinister be the best gluten free restaurant I’ve been to?

Over the few years I have been gluten free, I’ve seen brands come and go, product quality improve and the range has never been as huge as it is now. Gluten free food is more accessible than ever, and restaurants are following suit and listening to us gluten free gang.

Just one of the many restaurants out there that cater for coeliacs is Pieminister, whose gluten free pies are comparative to the holy grail of gluten free food. The brand have been around for years, and it wasn’t until 2016 that they turned their most popular classics into gluten free versions. And since then, they have won awards for it!

Pieminister have restaurants up and down the UK, with the latest one to open being in Liverpool, in the centre of its vibrant food and drink scene on Bold Street earlier this year. I’ve wanted to go and try some of their gluten free pies for absolutely ages, as I have never really seen them in my nearest supermarkets. A few months back, I did get a chance to taste test them at work with my colleagues, to see how they compared with other gluten free pies. Needless to say they were a winner indeed.

But just last weekend me and James went on a day trip into Liverpool to spend some much needed time together, and we are both total food lovers. I suggested we went to Pieminister, and off we trotted out of Liverpool Central station, up towards the newly opened restaurant.

It was midday on a Sunday, and it was quiet, the staff were friendly and told us to sit where we wanted, great! It was then that I asked for the gluten free menu, and they brought one over straight away with no problem. The server told me that their gluten free pies were included in their pie meal deals, which is fab in terms of including us gluten free folk in deals.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 16.10.28.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 16.11.40.png

I went ahead and got the gluten free moo, with mash. While we waited I felt really comfortable with it’s wooden, country-like decor, and the music that was playing which was a mix of different genres, mostly from the 60’s up until the 90’s, and all of the songs I definitely sang along to, from Motown to hip hop.When my meal came out it was presented on an enamel bowl with the pie on top of the mash, with some gluten free gravy to go with it.


The pastry on these pies is unbelievable, it makes me second guess if it’s REALLY gluten free or not. There’s no crumbly mess, no gritty texture and it’s definitely golden brown and crispy. The filling was to die for, full to the brim with delicious tender beef, and seasoned well. The pie wasn’t dry at all, and I wasn’t left disappointed by the filling.

And did you know that they do gluten free small plates, peroni beer, and sundaes? Four of their sundaes can be made gluten free, including one called ‘Pork Pie’ which has apple, maple syrup and a PORK SCRATCHING on it. Sounds bizarre, but it must taste nice otherwise it wouldn’t be available.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 16.12.35.png
The bottom four sundaes are the ones which can be made gluten free.

So I would definitely recommend trying out the Pieminister Restaurants if you are looking for somewhere different to eat! It made a change from the usual restaurants I go to and I felt comfortable eating there the whole time, which is a rarity as I usually always get nervous.

If you fancy going to visit, you can check out their list of restaurants in the UK HERE.

Have you been yet? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.

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Thank you for reading!
Georgina x

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