Review: Oumph! The gluten free and vegan meat substitute.

It’s been a while since I wrote a product review, so I thought I would write one on something I got recommended by a friend at work, which is this OUMPH! Vegan meat substitute!

Before I start this review, I thought I would add that I’m not vegetarian nor am I vegan, but I find it a lot easier and quicker to use meat free alternatives for my meals. I have become a lot more conscious of what I’m eating, and I’ve found that meat free substitutes seem to be a lot more nutritious these days, and better for your overall heart health. I guess you could say I’m a flexitarian?

I saw a lot of hype over this OUMPH, when it first came out over here recently, and from photos I saw, it LOOKED like meat. From my first impression, I never thought it would be gluten free, as I follow a lot of vegan people who use wheat gluten to make their vegan food look like meat, such a seitan. However, I saw a lot of gluten free bloggers rave about this stuff, and it wasn’t until my vegan friend at work (Hi, Hannah!) said she had had the stuff, that I began to believe the hype!
Off I went to Tesco, which is where I bought a pack of “The Chunk” for around £3.50.
The brand sell four varieties, but I only saw the Chunk, and the ‘Pulled Oumph’ in there.


The Oumph is made from water and soya protein, and don’t ask me, I have NO IDEA how they make it. I just thought it would be like tofu or something. But it was not at all!
The chunks literally look like chunks of real pork, and you can fry them straight from frozen.

While I was in Tesco I found a gluten free and vegan Chinese ‘beef stir fry’ sauce mix in the Free From Aisle, so I thought, what better time than to make a stir fry with it and test it out! Chinese food is something I miss quite a lot, so I was excited to cook with both of these products.

I was SO impressed by how it cooked, stayed juicy, didn’t dry out or stay soggy. It has this amazing texture that is literally like you’re eating meat, and the flavour was overall lovely! It certainly didn’t feel like it was made from soya protein.


I used the whole pack, and froze the leftover stir fry, which made about three portions. I wanted to see how it re-heated in the microwave, and I was really surprised to find that it kept its amazing texture, didn’t go sloshy or gross.

If you’re flexitarian like me, or are vegetarian and gluten free, I definitely recommend trying OUMPH! I can imagine this would be SO GOOD with a gluten free and veggie hoisin sauce, or with a barbecue marinade on a nice burger. YUMMY. It’s definitely worth the hype.


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Thank you for reading!
Georgina x

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