NEW Gluten Free & Free-From Products – January 2023!!!

We Love Cake new frozen desserts

These guys have launched EVEN MORE delicious gluten free treats, Lemon tarts, Salted caramel tarts, Chocolate Pudding and Rocky Road Bites 

They are also Milk Free and suitable for vegans. 

Where to buy?

Sainsburys, all products except the rocky road are available in the Frozen Section. They are a new product so may not be in all stores, but do keep an eye out because I can confirm that they are amazing.

Lazy Day Foods Vic the Vegan Caterpillar Cakes

Similar to the Mini-Caterpillar cakes in Asda, these ones are also not only gluten free, but Milk Free, egg free, and suitable for vegans. Perfect for any parties where there are multiple allergies and intolerances, then all the bases are covered.

Where to buy?

They are available to buy directly from Lazy Day foods. 

Aldi – The Foodie Market – Gnocchi (Available in both a Spinach and  a Tomato Flavour)

These plant-based gnocchi are available in Aldi and are perfect for anyone trying to be a little more health conscious. A friend of mine has tried these and said they are delicious.  I just wished Aldi had a permanent free-from selection, so I hope things like this stay.

M&S – Made Without Wheat Choco Pops Cereal

These are a new product that has launched in their MWW section, along with a few other types of cereals. It is nice to see them attempt to expand their free from aisle with new essentials like this, as I feel like the selection is quite bare.

M&S -Made Without Wheat Chocolate Chip Brioche Rolls

Again, I am excited to see them add products to their free from aisle, as quite often in January the gluten free options usually decline and never come back again. These look like a great little addition to any breakfast or brunch. I have always been impressed by their bread and pastry offerings.

M&S – Made Without Wheat Cheddar Cheese New Yorker Sandwich

As far as the gluten free sandwich selection in M&S goes, it’s pretty poor when you compare it to past years. Hopefully this will change with the addition of this to their on-the-go section. Filled with cheese and red onion on seeded bread, this is a welcome change.

Tesco – Cheese and Tomato Sandwich

This is new to their Meal Deal offerings, and I am sure some of you are incredibly happy to see that it’s not another soggy egg and cress sandwich!

Heinz Benz Nuggets

These bean and veg nuggets are new, and I have spotted that they are marked as gluten free on the packaging, but am yet to pick them up for the supermarket. They look so fun! They have a cheese flavour and a curry flavour too.

Where to Buy?

You can find these in Asda and on Ocado.

Positive Bakes – Sweet tarts 

These guys are fab for all your gluten free, dairy free and egg free needs, and they have launched an amazing selection of tarts! They have four flavours to try, including passionfruit tart, and pecan pie!

Where to buy?

They can be purchased on their website.

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