Gluten free at Trattoria 51, Liverpool.

In the heart of Liverpool, just along Old Hall Street, stands Trattoria 51 Pizzeria. Not just any Pizzeria, but Trattoria 51, which serves nothing but fresh, authentic Italian food.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Italian Food? Surely that’s not going to be good if you’re gluten free?” However, it’s not just your typical Italian restaurant where there are only one or two starters, and only a brownie for dessert. No way, Jose! Trattoria 51 has a plethora of gluten free Italian goodness on its menu. They are one of the very first restaurants in the North West to create gluten free pizzas, pasta and more. In fact, over 95% of the menu can be made gluten free!

I was kindly invited by the team at Pink Media to join them and some other gluten free foodie bloggers for their #FreeFromFeast , to try out their menu and chat all things gluten free, and I am so glad I didn’t miss it.

What is great about this place for eating gluten free, is that there is no separate gluten free menu, I mean, it would be a bit pointless, since almost everything can be made gluten free. And the staff are so knowledgeable about what dishes they are, other allergens, and because they use fresh ingredients to create their sauces, and other items off their menu, it means nothing is too difficult for them. I was very impressed with how well trained, great they are catering for different dietary needs, unlike some other chain restaurants, you’re treated like a normal customer and not just ‘another fussy eater’. The staff are super friendly.

While we were waiting for the other bloggers to arrive, I noticed that they did gluten free Peroni Beer, which is great, since you often don’t get gluten free beer in restaurants. I mean, usually it’s either wine or spirits available.


To start, I chose their Bruschetta Caprese, which had mozzarella, basil, garlic and marinated cherry tomatoes.

It was so gorgeous, and the flavours of the marinade was unreal. The tomatoes were definitely as fresh as you can get, and the bread was just what you want gluten free bread to be.


I didn’t opt for a pizza for my main, as I eat way too much gluten free pizza. So instead I chose a pasta from their menu, I’ve never really had the option of gluten free pasta when dining out, so with having that option available to me, I couldn’t not try. The only pasta mains that aren’t gluten free are the gnocchi, and that’s only two dishes that you can’t eat!

I went for the Penne Pollo Picante. A penne pasta, with chicken, chilli, pesto, rocket and tomatoes in a creamy gluten free sauce.

The flavours on this were again, out of this world! The pasta was well cooked, and it definitely had fresh chilli. I couldn’t finish it all, as I was served a good sized portion, and needed to make way for that dessert belly.


Usually, when I eat out anywhere, I never get a dessert, because it’s normally a brownie, ice cream, or sorbet on the menu. Can I speak for all coeliacs when I say, I am sick and tired of the same desserts. However, the options here were all brilliant. Yes, there was a brownie, and ice cream and sorbet, but aside from that, they had the following to offer:

  • Lemon and lime posset with raspberry coulis
  • New York Baked Cheesecake with mixed berry compote
  • Affogato Cafe

I went for the Cheesecake and it was the best choice ever! It had a great base with a nice sticky texture, and the filling was like a warm hug! It took me ages to eat it because I wanted to really savour it.


Overall I enjoyed the dishes I had, and so did everyone else, there really is something for everyone there. I was really wowed by how friendly the staff were, how attentive they were to our dietary requirements and the menu really impressed me, especially with the flavours of it. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is the best Italian restaurant I’ve been to that caters for gluten free.

Not only do they have the restaurant in Liverpool, they also have one in Southport, which I will definitely be visiting sometime soon!

If you wanted to visit, head to for more information.

Thank you Pink Media and Trattoria 51 for having us!

Thanks for reading!

Georgina x

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