Gluten free KFC and Chinese Curry with Spice ‘N’ Tice

I have been meaning to write this blog post for so long, and finally, today is the day! What took me so long? I don’t know, but what I do know, is that Spice N Tice and their lovely spice mixes should be a store cupboard essential in any coeliac’s gluten free cupboard. Why you say?

Well, I’ll give you a little run down of what makes them so great…

All of their spice mixes are gluten free, and all of the recipes that come along with them include ingredients that have gluten free alternatives. 

Take for instance, their gluten free Chicken Katsu Curry, the recipe calls for soy sauce and panko breadcrumbs, but I used gluten free alternatives. May I also add, sometimes you can ‘cheat’ and buy gluten free breaded chicken if you don’t have the time.  You could also swap some of the ingredients for veggie options if you need.

They bring you gluten free food that you’ve really missed! The first thing I tried from them was their Southern Style Chicken. And it was UH-MAZING. I had really missed KFC, but there was something great about making it yourself, knowing exactly what has gone into it, and the fact it’s baked, rather than fried. And it tasted just like the real thing

They’re also slimming world friendly, so you can stay on plan whilst indulging in your favourite foods. And that’s great, because a lot of people think gluten free food is healthy, when actually, the alternatives can be full of extra sugar and calories. The spice kits come with a handy shopping list, and a lot of the ingredients are veggies, and like I said before, you can use any low salt or healthier alternative for certain items.

Some of their spice mixes are things you would never really think of cooking! I recently tried the Tandori Salmon spice kit and the Jamaican Jerk Chicken one. I wouldn’t really have the inspiration, time, or willpower to make either of these before. But they are so simple to put together, and are great thrown together with some rice or salad. 

Some of them can be frozen, and you can batch cook with them. 

So, I like to make sauces and freeze them. And that’s what I did with their Chicken Katsu Curry sauce. All I had to do was throw it in the microwave, get my gluten free breaded chicken breast and microwave rice, and I was good to go for a super quick dinner. I also froze the Chicken Curry and Thai Green Curry once I had made them. And wait for it… When I was making the Tandori Salmon, I also put the marinated salmon fillets in freezer bags. So when I want to make it, I can get the fillets out the night before, put them in the fridge and they will marinate as they defrost. Easy Peasy! 

They have amazing saver bundles on their website, so if you’re planning a barbecue, a fake-away night, or Indian curry night in, they have well and truly got your store cupboard sorted with their range of meal kits and spices. There’s a bit of something for everyone, with inspiration from dishes across the world. Even their spices can be traced to their global suppliers which span from Guatemala to Thailand! 

I personally LOVE their Chicken Katsu Curry, and their Southern Style Chicken. And you guys should try them, as well as all of their other kits. I promise you, there will be something you will LOVE. Plus – you can get 20% off your order by using the code TCS20 at their checkout. Visit their website now to check them out and get that cheeky discount.

Have you tried SpiceNTice? Let me know if you have and drop a comment below.
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Thank you for reading!
Georgina x

**Thank you to SpiceNTice for gifting me these kits**

**Please note, I make no profit from anything advertised on – the advertisements are not put there by me. **


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