Feel FREEE to eat great food with the new additions to the Doves Farm Gluten Free range.

As many of you know already, Doves Farm have been a retailer of high quality flours and baking essentials since the 70’s, and they have their own gluten free range of flours, flapjacks and a few other things too. In May/June, their gluten free range rebranded itself into an entirely separate range, now known as FREEE. This new look features a new logo of a dove in flight, and the words FREEE, to make it look more distinguishable and easier for people to find on supermarket shelves.

Why FREEE? Well apart from it making me want to sing that song, according to them it represents the freedom to have fun experimenting in the kitchen again, without worrying about reading labels.

Doves Farm have always been an honest company, and that’s why I like them, there’s no reading labels involved, their accredited logos for CUK and soil association are so easy to see. They also test their award winning gluten free products so as we don’t have to worry about hidden gluten. The best thing is that their products have no GMO, colouring, soya or nuts.


Not all of their range is available in supermarkets, I’m sure many of you have seen their cereals and flour in mainstream ones. Most of the time you can pick up their products in independent food markets. However, their online shop is great, and you can purchase the giant bags of flour if you’re an avid baker.

They have two NEW additions to the range. The first is a pizza base mix, is veggie, vegan, kosher and is an excellent source of fibre. Their other addition is a white bread mix! You can use this in both a bread maker, or just your standard loaf tin. Both of these are so easy to use, you just add oil and water, and you’re good to go! The bread mix is also nut free, kosher and soil association certified.



FREE kindly sent me both of these to try along with their Apple oat bars with sultanas. These are so juicy,  and contain agave (which I have a mild obsession with at the minute) and oats are a fab source of protein and energy. They are vegan too, however, they contain palm oil. But worry not! This palm oil is sustainable and comes from columbian farms where wildlife is protected!



I haven’t tried the bread mix yet, but I will get a review up as soon as I can.

With the Pizza base, I created this amazing vegetarian rainbow pizza using an assortment of veggies and some mozzarella. The pizza tastes just as delicious as any shop bought one, and you can make either a large deep pan pizza, like I did, or two thin crust pizzas! The mixture, once you add the oil and water to it, becomes a paste, rather than a dough, and that’s what makes it light and fluffy! The base is honestly delicious, feels and tastes like a ‘real’ gluten pizza, I absolutely loved it.


So what is your favourite thing about FREEE by Doves Farm? Have you tried these yet? Let me know! For me, it’s the fact it reminds me of this absolute banger from the 90’s!

Thanks for reading!

Georgina x

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