5 Reasons why you should order from Wheat Free Bakery Direct

The Scottish based bakery Wheat Free Bakery Direct has been serving up gluten free goodness for quite some time now. I had never placed an order with them up until recently, and my oh my, they were so good, that here I am trying to explain why YOU would LOVE them too! P.S, this is not an ad, I just can’t stop talking about them, so why not post a blog about them?!

1.They deliver all across to mainland UK and you can collect from their bakery if you are local, too!

They have a very detailed shipping information page on their website, and you can also request your order to be delivered at a specific date.

2.Their cakes, doughnuts and iced delights are just delicious!

I went on their website with the intention of buying just sweet treats, and it was SO worth it. My one mistake was ordering too much as some of them weren’t suitable for freezing so my diet was 80% doughnuts and fondant tarts for a few days.

3. They do a fab range of essential gluten free products.

They serve pizza bases, tiger bread, and even pastry and cake mixes. So if you’ve not got a sweet tooth, there’s still something for you. A lot of these products are suitable for freezing, so you can stock up.

4. Their mission is to provide tasty gluten free treats that don’t affect your wallet. 

And that’s very true! With a 2 pack of huge iced ring doughnuts costing just £1.60, what’s not to love? Their products are all a decent size, and there’s no gluten free ‘shrinkage’ unlike some of the supermarket treats. I spent about £20 and got a LOT of stuff for that price.

5. You really can’t tell that they’re gluten free. But don’t tell the non-coeliacs 😉

From bread, to choux buns, these guys have their craft nailed! I ordered a pack of choux buns and my non coeliac boyfriend said they were the best choux buns he’d ever had! 

I ordered a pack of the jam-filled doughnuts, and they really took me back to the time where I could get FRESH jam doughnuts in my pre-coeliac days. The texture and taste were spot on.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a look on their website here.

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Thanks for reading, 

Georgina x 


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