Gluten Free at Honest Burgers Liverpool.

When it comes to being a coeliac and eating out, it can be hard to find somewhere to eat without planning. However, I think Liverpool is one of the cities which is absolutely fab for gluten free, with an abundance of restaurants on Bold Street which cater for gluten free. Amongst them is Honest Burgers, which opened its doors in 2019.

I think the majority of gluten free-ers active on Instagram already know about Honest Burgers because of the hype surrounding it’s fuss-free menu choices for us coeliacs. The Burger chain has quite a lot of restaurants in London and down south, so before the Liverpool one opened, I always wondered what was so special about the chain that had other gluten free people banging on about it so much! And after my first experience I can tell you it was definitely worth the wait.

When we entered, we were greeted by a lovely member of the team and I asked them about their gluten free options. They were so confident and thorough when they went through the gluten free options with me, which was great!


Pretty much all of their menu items are gluten free, the patties, the veggie/vegan patties, even the onion rings are gluten free by default. The only thing that they DON’T do gluten free is the burger bun. But fear not! Unlike other burger chains, they are able to provide you with a gluten free bun for £1 extra (which I don’t mind). It really did impress me, as with everything being gluten free, it means that there is no cross-contamination on the grill, or in the oil! It really put my mind at rest. Oh, and I should mention they also sell gluten free beer in the restaurant too.

All of the burgers are cooked medium- as they say pink is better for flavour, but you could have it well done if you pleased. And I noticed that they had a sign up saying which variety of potatoes they were using as well, and where they were sourced. I like little touches like that, as it shows that they’re passionate about what they do.


The burger choices on the menu all sounded so great, but I decided to go for the Liverpool Burger, which was a collaboration burger with Hafla Hafla, a local Liverpool Street food restaurant. I think they have different local ones in each restaurant, so if you’re not in Liverpool, then tough luck. But you can hear about it below. I also got a portion of pretty tasty onion rings too.

The onion rings are gluten free by default and were super tasty!

The burger was served with a good portion of their rosemary salted chips, and looked absolutely amazing.
So it was grilled halloumi with spring onions, peppers and sriracha mayo on top of a thick,juicy, beef patty with lettuce, all enclosed in a gluten free bun (which didn’t fall apart! What kind of sorcery is that?).

The gluten free Liverpool Burger

Honestly, before I entered the place, I thought I would be underwhelmed by it, as it seemed too good to be true, but this was the best gluten free burger I’ve had. The rosemary salted chips were so good too, and they stayed nice and crispy throughout the meal.

As for the onion rings, they were HUGE, and the batter was well seasoned. I liked that the onion stayed inside the batter when you bit into it, and didn’t slide out, and the fact they were gluten free, of course!


I really liked this place, and it’s definitely up there with my favourite restaurants now! I can see why people go on about it so much!

No dry, floury, gluten free bun which falls apart the second you bite it, no lettuce as a substitute for said bun, all of the sides are gluten free, no jacket potato as a sub for chips (I’m looking at you Frankie & Benny’s), a nice simple menu which is easy to choose from, and you get a juicy flavourful burger with the tastiest chips ever!
It was so worth the long wait I had to finally be able to get there!

Have you guys been to Honest Burgers? If so, where? I’d be keen to know what the local burger is elsewhere!

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Thanks for reading, 

Georgina x 

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