Review. Baileys Almande – Vegan & gluten free

Gluten free alcohol is getting even more easier to find nowadays, with new beers being released constantly, the range is definitely expanding. However, while some coeliacs can also be sensitive to dairy, and more people going vegan, there IS just one thing that is missing from the market, that has been the centre of a lot of hype recently on my feeds.



Baileys Almande dropped into Whole Foods UK in September this year after months of teasing us over in the USA. Although the only Whole Foods are in London and Cheltenham ( you lucky bunch of southerners) you can also buy it from The Goodness Project. Perfect for festive fun, and the bottle adorns beautifully illustrated floral pattern upon it’s muted sparkly classic shape, making it a great treat for someone to open.

The drink itself is gluten free and vegan, yay! Made from sweet almond oil, almond essence and vanilla, it’s so smooth and light and tastes like an absolute dream! I love nut milks and their flavour, so this is a dream come true. This pairs well in both cold and hot recipes, with coconut milk over ice, or in a hot chocolate, the drink is just as versatile as it’s original non-vegan version.

I really hope the demand for it is as high as I’ve seen this year from my vegan buddies and free from pals, as it would be SO GOOD to see it in the supermarkets, and I just love seeing people happy when they find food or drink that they can have!

Have you tried it? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.


Thanks for reading!

Georgina x

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This product was kindly sent for me to try. Thank you to Taste PR for the sample.

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