Review: Nutri-Bombz, the gluten free snack subscription box.

In the world of subscription boxes, there are so many to choose from, baking ones, to female sanitary products, and of course, snack ones. 

It can be hard to find food ones that guarantee gluten free goodness, or cater for specific dietary requirements, and thats where Nutri-Bombz comes in. 

Nutri-Bombz are not only a gluten free snack subscription box, but they also offer treats which are dairy free, refined sugar free, and nut free. And each snack counts as one of your five a day, and are high in fibre as they are made with raw,natural ingredients. Because of this, they are nutritious, full of good calories and heart healthy omega 3 fats.




They have over 60 different flavours to choose from, and all you have to do is pack your subscription box with the Nutri-bombz, and Nutri-bitz that you would like, and set up how often you would like to receive your subscription. I must say, although they do use gluten free oats, if you can’t tolerate oats at all, then double check the ingredients before you order.


You can indulge in your favourite flavours, like salted caramel, and Cherry Bakewell, and there are flavours you won’t find in any ‘health food’ snack bars on the shelves. My favourite is the salted caramel Nutri-bomb, as the gorgeous bites are coated in crunchy seeds, and it has a smooth centre, not gritty like some bars on the market. I couldn’t believe it was refined sugar free either.


When you set up your subscription box, you can select how often to get it delivered to you, and they fit right through your letterbox.

It costs £5.49 for the box, which is quite good for what you get. A normal gluten free single snack costs around £1.50 and so 4 of them is pretty much a decent price. And like I said before, the flavours are a lot different to ones you would find in the supermarkets or health food stores. And super delicious. I definitely recommend putting the salted caramel in your box.  They’re great for pre/post gym, or just as a healthy snack.

You can get 50% off your first recurring box with code LETMEIN and 10% off a single box with code TRYME10 Click here for their website.

Have you tried them? Let me know!

Thank you to Nutri-Bombz for sending a box for me to review.

Thank you for reading!

Georgina x
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