REVIEW: Gluten free pastry and cake mixes from Chef’s Promise.

In 2016, Executive Chef Massimo (whose wife has coeliac disease) noticed a gap in the market for restaurant quality gluten free ingredients, and Chef’s Promise was born. Although there is a lot available in the supermarket, often creating gluten free products requires adding extra ingredients and it’s usually more time consuming trying to perfect a recipe, and can also lead to inconsistent results. 

Chef’s Promise gluten free baking mixes are available for everyone – not just chefs, and are versatile, so anyone who uses them can add their own twist onto it. 

Products they stock range from shortcrust pastry, dumpling mix, and even gluten free vegetable suet and choux pastry. You can shop the full range HERE.  You will be amazed by the variety of products they stock, so you can create the gluten free treats you crave. And they all come in huge 1kg tubs, so you get quite a lot of usage out of them.

I was kindly gifted the shortcrust pastry mix and the sponge cake mix. See how I got on with them below.

Shortcrust Pastry Mix

First of all I tried the shortcrust pastry, which I was eager to try because gluten free pastry is often difficult to bake perfectly, as the absence of gluten can cause the pastry to crumble, and break before putting it in the baking tin. 


When I looked at the instructions, I noticed you only need to add margarine and milk, and all the measurements on the instructions clearly say how many pies the mix makes. I only used 1/4 of this mix because I wanted to test the mix out before I actually bake anything with it. With the use of some maths, I managed to get the required measurements for 1/4 of the pastry mix and was ready to bake!

I followed the instructions on the tub, and decided to make a sweet pastry for a banoffee tart. 

The instructions said that to make the pastry sweet, to add some icing sugar to the mix, which I did, and then combined all the other ingredients together to make the pastry dough. 

The dough was a little bit sticky, however, if you leave it to rest for a moment, it becomes a lot firmer and easier to roll out on a floured surface. 

With this pastry, it doesn’t break apart like other gluten free pastry and recipes I have tried in the past.
With the pastry rolled, I was ready to put it into a baking tin and bake. Because I was making a banoffee, I didn’t need to add any filling to it before baking, so the lined tin was ready to bake for 15 minutes. I probably could have rolled out the pastry a lot thinner but the results for the pastry case were amazing! I added my banoffee filling to the pastry case once it was cooled, and it was ready to eat.

banoffee filling.JPG

Overall I was so impressed by the texture of it, it was buttery, and it didn’t taste gritty like some gluten free pastry does. I really like how you can make whatever you want with it, sweet, or savoury and the instructions are easy to follow. 

banoffee flatlay2.JPG

Sponge and Cupcake mix. 

This was so simple to follow, and I used 1/3 of this mix to make an 8” three layer sponge. What I like about this is that you only have to add margarine and eggs, but you can add in whatever you like, chocolate chips, flavouring, food colouring etc… 

And you can convert it to make it milk free by using a dairy free substitute for margarine. You can make cupcakes or a sponge cake, and you can even use some ready to use icing to decorate, so making amazing showstoppers doesn’t have to be a difficult task! Check out my video below on how I made a pink flamingo celebration cake. 

The sponge was very light and fluffy, with a nice vanilla flavour, and it had a nice rise on it. I will definitely be making some cupcakes with it for the up and coming coffee morning which approaching at my work. 

Thank you Chef’s Promise for sending me these mixes to try, I can’t wait to try some savoury pastry dishes and make some more amazing cakes and treats with the rest of the mixes I have left over.  I think because they were developed with coeliacs in mind and the company shares a passion for gluten free food, it really makes the difference and sets them apart from other companies who just try to branch out with gluten free products because it’s a money maker for them.

So if you need to whip up something gluten free and delicious without experimenting with a bunch of recipes, go ahead and order from their website , all is sent out and delivered very fast!

Thanks for reading!

Georgina x

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