The M&S Gluten Free Taster Event

Hi guys,

So as many of you might know, Marks and Spencer were holding gluten free taster sessions across selected stores for Coeliac Awareness Week.  They have done taster events in the past, and I missed out on the last one as I was working when it was on. So when I found out about the one in Liverpool (which was only on my day off!) I rang the store to book my place!

I have never been to anything like this before but I’m really glad I did! The whole thing was run by their manager and a few other colleagues who were so clued up on their gluten free products, and we got to try some new foods and learn new things! Aside from going for the free food, here’s what I found out about M&S and their gluten free products!

Not everything that is gluten free in their store is labelled ‘Made without Wheat’.

No, some of their products have the little crossed grain logo in an orange box somewhere on the packaging if it’s gluten free. So you can shop in the ‘normal’ aisles if you wish! While I was there I was given a FOURTY FOUR page booklet of all of the products that are gluten and dairy free to take home with me, and it covers everything from alcohol to sweets, and party food!

All of their cafe’s serve gluten free food.

Did you know at their cafe, they are required to serve gluten free options, and at the Liverpool one, their staff told us that a sandwich is the minimum. They also have gluten free rolls for the soups. And all of the soup they serve is gluten free, and from their own soup range, so if you like it, you can buy it! They also have jacket potatoes and various toppings are gluten free, great!

They take customer feedback on board, and it DOES make a difference.

The staff mentioned to me that they use their past taster sessions as opportunities to improve their range and develop ideas for new products. The gluten free naan bread was born from these taster sessions, and it broke the internet in being released! The extra gluten free options in the 2 dine in for £10 meal deal are there because customers asked. So maybe if we ask them kindly, they can bring back the scotch eggs and crumpets!!!

They do lots of party food that is gluten free, especially in the run up to Christmas.

And most of it can be frozen, too! And they do platters, so if you’re organising a party and need a buffet, stock up! They also do gluten free wedding cakes to order. I think I will add that to my imaginary wedding list….

If you can’t find specific items in your store, or they’re always sold out, you can order online and collect in store.

Which is brilliant if by the time you get to do your shopping, they’re sold out of things. It also means they will get enough in for you and probably notice that there is a demand for certain foods. Unfortunately they don’t deliver, but hey ho! Maybe if theres enough demand for it, they may do it!

Personally, I think M&S are one of the leading brands for gluten free food, all of their products are delicious, and I’ve never had a complaint about anything I’ve ever tried from their made without wheat section. People always say that they’re expensive, but I find them to be not any more expensive than other gluten free brands. They were the first to get gluten free naan breads back in this year, and they’re always coming out with more and more options to include in their £3.50 meal deal. So wherever you go, you know you won’t starve if there’s an M&S around.


Thanks for reading!

Georgina x

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