Why Coeliac Awareness Week 2018 is COOL A.F. and what I’m looking forward to!

It’s that time of year again when we all unite in our efforts to try to let the world know what Coeliac Disease is and educate restaurants, stubborn family members, not-very-bright co-workers about what it really means (if some of you don’t already do that in your day to day lives anyway). 

Yes it shouldn’t JUST be a week, it should be made aware of any time of year. 

This year’s awareness week celebrates 50 YEARS of Coeliac UK, and it’s a big achievement, but yet there is still a long way to go with spreading awareness. 

Nevertheless, we all want to get involved in it, so let’s see what great things there are happening around the UK for this year’s ‘festivities’. 

Marks and Spencer are hosting gluten free taster evenings in select stores across the UK.

I’ve never been to one, but I’ve heard great things about them, you get to try their made without wheat products, and potentially meet new gluten free friends! To check if your local store is holding an event, check out this list on The Coeliac Sanctuary’s blog right HERE. To book your place, you can either go in store and register, or ring up your store and confirm your attendance that way. I can’t wait!

Tesco have a 3 for 2 on their own brand free from products. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 17.24.52.png

I’m sure they do this every year, and last year was a big deal because they had just started stocking the vegan cheeses. But nevertheless, the range has expanded significantly since the 3/4 years I’ve been gluten free for, and they do some really cool items like their Katsu Curry, Foccaccia and even staples like their pasta. 

And speaking of sales… Isabels Free From have a 50% off sale online. 

I love Isabels baking mixes, and some of their products come in very useful. You can add your own sugar or sugar substitute and most of the products are dairy free and vegan too, so the range is very universal in the sense that if you have more dietary requirements than being gluten free, you’ll find peace of mind knowing they’re free from other things!

Lots of gluten free brands and bloggers will have competitions on their social channels. 

And who doesn’t love a product giveaway! The list of competitions I enter just gets longer and longer, so I’ll let you hunt them down myself! I don’t know how people can find so many niche competitions, however!

A family member may message you or ring you to say “They’ve been talking about that celeriacs what you’ve got on the telly” – And that’s great!


Even mainstream media talks about it from time to time, sometimes it’s on daytime programmes, on adverts and even in magazines. It’s not a lot of exposure for us with coeliac disease, but at least it’s getting the information out there for friends and family to hear and understand. My mum found out more about it by Doctor Chris and Caroline Quentin on This Morning chatting about Coeliac Disease shortly after my diagnosis, and it really helped my family understand that it’s not just a tummy ache and struggling to gain weight.

And the best of all, people are planning parties celebrating the 50 years that Coeliac UK have been around!


So get involved, raise money and continue to raise awareness!

Have a great Coeliac Awareness week! 

Georgina x

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