Let’s take a look at what’s in my gluten free subscription box from Send me Free From

Yes, you heard correctly, Send me Free From the online free from retailer specialising in independent and artisan free from food have started doing subscription boxes full of gluten free yummy goodness!

Now there are a lot of subscription boxes I want to sign up to, and there are boxes for literally everything nowadays, and in the end I realise I probably wouldn’t use some of the products in other types of monthly boxes, it’s offputting to think I may not be able to enjoy the items inside.
But when Send Me Free From started making their online and social media presence known, I was so eager to see what they had to offer! They kindly got in contact with me to say they were planning the launch of their subscription box and gifted me this months box and I was super excited to try it out!
The subscription boxes cost £15 a month and payment goes out at the end of each month, with them being sent out at the start of the month. As I mentioned before, they support independent businesses,  so every item in your box is from their selection of artisan food. So by subscribing, you are supporting independent businesses, which is a huge thing I find myself supporting more and more as I get older.


box cont

Anyway, I was so G A S S E D when I opened my box,  the smell of the chocolate contents hit me right away.
The chocolate smell was coming from this beautiful organic and handmade be pollen chocolate from The Chicken Shed. It contains cacao, bee pollen and honey. I love bees, I love honey, and everything else they create so I could not wait to try it. It was so delicious, bitter, sweet, and the little dots of bee pollen really made my mouth water. Not to mention the packaging is 100% recyclable too.

As well as this, inside my box were these handmade raw cacao truffles from Naked and Raw, only made wih 3 ingredients, and containing no processed stuff, so great for those who are health conscious, and vegans too! These would be great as a little item to add to a gift basket or hamper. I am a fan of the 1940’s style and I love how the little box looks like a mini ration pack!

I was also very eager to try these lightly salted plantain crisps from Chikas Foods! I was reading the story of the brand, and they really are unique. The crisps have a big crunch, and they are VERY lightly salted but they still had a lot of flavour and were delicious to say the least! I had never tried plantain before, and these really make me want to try more.



The next item in my box was this pumpkin and chocolate cake from Elviras Secret Pantry. I couldn’t find much about the brand but they seem to make some great flavours of cake. This cake is free from dairy, gluten and yeast and is SUPER moist. I haven’t tried this yet, but I can smell the incredibly warming scent of the cinnamon and nutmeg in it.



And finally, this vanilla cake mix from GlutenFreegan!

cake mix.JPG
I haven’t tried this yet as I have dedicated my baking time to go and see my baby nephew over this weekend. But im dead eager to try it, I have tried to make vegan cake successfully for a while, and I can do a great vegan chocolate cake, but no success with just a plain sponge. The instructions on the package looks so easy, you add a few things, including apple sauce. I am going to follow a tip from a vegan friend of mine which is to use baby apple puree, as it has less sugar and processed crap in it, and is generally more healthier than the usual supermarket ones. I have also seen people’s results from baking with this vanilla cake mix and everyones cakes look super fluffy and moist. I cant wait!

Overall, I am so excited by this that I have subscribed to them monthly, it’s connected me with brands I have never seen before, and had me trying products I never thought I would.
Send me Free From also do vegan boxes, and gluten free AND vegan ones too, so there’s something for everyone! I also estimated the total of the contents and it’s way more than £15 so it’s definitely worth subscribing to if you love food as much as me!
Thanks for reading!
Georgina x

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