Love more treats with Lovemore Foods gluten & dairy free range.

You know, it’s almost my 3 year free-from-iversarry, and I’ve tried a lot of gluten free alternatives, in search of treats that taste just as good as what I can remember from before I found out gluten caused me problems. And there have been very few that came close to that. But I have to admit, even in just three years, I’ve noticed a massive difference in both the availability and quality of gluten free products, not to mention the price getting better too. One of those brands who seem to have the whole package of what I want in gluten free food is LOVEMORE FOODS

Their free from range has been going since 2008, after their original manufacturer, Welsh Hills Bakery saw a growing need for gluten free cakes and biscuits. Their products have always been great value for money and for me, the standard of their bakes are nothing but fantastic.

And, what’s more is that they have a fab range of gluten, wheat and dairy free products, so lets take a look at some.

Apple Pies


The 4 pack of apple pies have a wonderfully chunky and tangy Bramley Apple filling, that pairs perfectly with their shortcrust pastry it’s incased inside. On top of that they are sprinkled with a generous amount of sugar on the top. The texture of the shortcrust pastry is one of my favourites by far.  I’m not a fan of sweet fillings and sweet pastry, it makes it taste very overwhelming for me and can be a little powdery. Lovemore have got the balance of the sweet pastry and tangy filling is spot on in these.



This is part of their festive range, and is probably the best attempt at gluten free shortbread that I’ve seen. These would be absolutely perfect in a christmas hamper too, their texture is something I can’t fault. These come in 2 sturdy strips of gluten free shortbread and I felt it was best to cut them with a knife,  although the postie did knock this parcel about a bit so some of it was detached on arrival. Nevertheless they were well suited with a nice cuppa.

Mince Pies


With the same pastry as the apple pies, these are just wonderful. There is no scrimping on the filling inside these alcohol-free mince pies, and the flavour of these deep-filled mince pies is just right.  These are fantastic heated up with a dollop of cream, or cold with a glass of milk. If Santa’s belly is so round because he has coeliac disease, I would definitely recommend these mince pies.

Genoa Fruit  Slab Cake


This is absolutely perfect for get togethers, the texture of it is so so very moist, and the flavours of the sultanas and cherries make for a very juicy treat which will pair well with a chat over a cuppa. They do reccomend, for best results, refrigerate for up to an hour before serving, but I found it just fine without doing this too.

Sticky Stem Ginger Slab Cake

IMG_3290 copy.jpg

It doesn’t get more comforting than this, it REALLY is sticky, and the stem ginger is rich, but not overpowering at all! The great thing about this is that it tastes absolutely delicious warmed up with custard or cream! I don’t think I could make a cake with a texture as nice as this, so I would definitely stock up on these if you need to pick up something to impress last-minute.

Double Chocolate Muffins


The crumb structure of these bad boys is absolutely grand! They don’t crumble everywhere and the chocolate chip bits are like little pieces of heaven. Ideal for lunchboxes, or as an emergency snack to take with you whilst on the move, these are definitely a winner in my eyes.

 Chocolate Brownie Slices


I know that the humble chocolate brownie gets a bad reputation off coeliacs who seem to get bored of it when they are in coffee shops. I mean, yes, you’re probably surrounded with people eating non-gluten free options of food that CAN be made gluten free, while the only option you have IS a chocolate brownie. But please, don’t knock these, and DON’T FORGET that these are dairy free too. I went to the Allergy and Free From Show North with my friend, and as I was eye rolling at the sight of chocolate brownies, she was LOVING it because she is dairy free and never usually gets to experience such treats like dairy free chocolate cake items.


Overall, I feel that you can’t really ‘tell’ that any of these items are gluten free, the texture is ON POINT compared to some brands I’ve tried, especially with their biscuits. I absolutely love their Jammy Wheels in a cup of strong tea.

You can see where stocks these items near you HERE, if you haven’t already seen them dotted around your local Morrisons and Co-op.

Thank you Lovemore Foods for kindly sending me this generous package of sweet treats to review.

Thanks for reading!

Georgina x

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