Please, gluten free community, stop being mean to vegans for getting this new McDonalds burger…

In case you have been living under a rock, you may have heard that fast food chain McDonalds are trialling the McVegan Burger, a soy based product on their menu. Great stuff for those who are meat, egg and dairy free, right? Also, please note that I am not doing this post for ‘attention’ or to cause some sort of controversy. This blog post has been in my head for days and I can’t keep my opinions on this bottled up any longer. Please don’t think of me as a d**khead because I’m not, I just think it’s unfair that vegans are getting more hate.

Well, I’ve seen on some pages and groups, a fair few coeliacs angry and upset that they are putting their attention on us coeliacs.The term “Vegan is a choice, coeliac disease isn’t.” has been used… a lot. And I completely get that, though being vegan isn’t as bad a choice as some people are making out. Saving the animals and living a cruelty free life, boo, how awful must vegans be?! 

I get that over here in the UK, we have had countless petitions to bring a gluten free bun to our menus. And every time, McDonalds have replied saying that they don’t have plans to do that over here. So, understandably, people are going to be very sour about all of this.

But here’s the lowdown on the Vegan Burger…

It’s only being trialled at ONE restaurant only… and guess what? It’s in Finland. So even if  you were a vegan in the UK, getting excited, you would definitely be upset to find out that it’s only in one branch of the WHOLE of the McDonalds in the world. Nobody knows if it will definitely take off, but it’s a start.

When you compare that to the amount of restaurants in Europe that serve gluten free burgers WITH a bun, it makes you wonder why you were sour about it in the first place.

And yes, we don’t have gluten free buns over here, but the burger patties, and fries don’t contain gluten, so we can order the burger without the bun successfully here in the UK. (Just bring your own bun if you wish)

Of course, some people have reported being ‘glutened’ by McDonalds, but this is another point to consider. As a company, if we did have gluten free buns over here, and if McDonalds claimed to do gluten free over here, they would have to invest a lot in the whole thing. Kitchen adjustments, staff training, and of course, the time trialling it over here. We know 1 in 100 people do have Coeliac disease, and yes, 1 in 100 is a lot of people who could order a burger with a gluten free bun. If those people reported getting very ill from their so-called gluten free burgers, it would have a massive impact on the company’s reputation, too.   McDonalds don’t claim to do gluten free options, but we know from the allergy guide what does contain gluten, and what doesn’t, so it’s an “eat at your own risk” kind of thing, even though they work with CUK.

I’m sure that they probably would introduce gluten free buns if they had the same setup as in Europe. But for now, we are better safe than sorry. Vegans can’t get sick from one crumb of animal product (but they get hella mad over being given something containing meat), but obviously we get really sick if we ingest the tiniest bit of gluten. And I wouldn’t want that to be something that happens, until McDonalds are fully ready to guarantee a safe gluten free burger with a bun. Some vegans probably wouldn’t want to go in McDonalds for ethical reasons.

What I don’t understand is why people are being so horrible to vegans on social media threads because of this. In the last few days I’ve seen many people say things like the following; “It makes me mad.” … “Why are vegans getting all of this attention but coeliacs aren’t?” Blah blah blah!

If you are one of these people, just remember it’s only in ONE RESTARAUNT IN THE WORLD compared to the places that serve gluten free buns successfully in Europe.

Finally, I have vegan pals, and they are lovely enough to tag me in posts and photos of gluten free food that they find, even if it isn’t vegan and they can’t eat it. I would hate to be one of those people who are mean about veganism, when most vegans are truly lovely and kind people.

Just be nice, and enjoy the food that YOU CAN eat safely when you’re out and about. It seems ridiculous that out of all the things in the world, people who have dietary requirements are choosing to be salty over someone else’s dietary requirements. I wish people would stop being so damn rude to vegans. I love the gluten free community and the advice that we give to each other, please continue to be seen as the supportive people that you are.

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