Pasteis De Nata and Paul’s Molten puds! Gluten free bake off (GBBO Weeks 5 & 6)

Week 5: Pudding Week

So, I never really got the time to post about week 5 of bake off, as I was busy baking for the Macmillan Coffee Morning and then whizzed off to London. But if you don’t remember what happened in week 5, it was pudding week! A week which saw the lovely James leave after a bit of a disaster with his bakes.

In the Technical for that week, the bakers had to create molten chocolate and peanut butter puds. This was a “how hard can it be” moment for me, I have to admit. And you can guarantee that yes, that statement soon was redundant after trying to bake.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 18.02.51.png

How did I get on doing it gluten free?

Well, the recipe is available on the official GBBO website, and you can EASILY substitute the wheat flour for plain flour. I did and the cake turned out fine. You do need an electric hand mixer to whip up the eggs. The part that was the worst about this bake was getting the pudding tins. I decided to go to The Range, after having a look in Wilko for some pudding tins. And I couldn’t bear paying for them individually. I don’t get paid at all for blogging, and since switching jobs, I was waiting for payday.

Another thing that was a little bit hard, is the fact that you can’t see the peanut butter melt inside. The recipe has a rough guideline of how long you must bake them for:

Place the puddings on a baking tray and bake for 8-12 minutes, until the puddings are risen but not cracked. They should still have a slight wobble.

I opted for 11, the puddings did turn out nice, but the peanut butter was “shy” and wasn’t very molten… I wasn’t sure if it was underbaked or overbaked. What was clear on the taste test, was that the recipe should specify UNSALTED peanut butter. Something I will obviously take note of next time I attempt them, because these tasted foul. I’m not the biggest PB fan, but unsalted is bearable for me. Especially if it’s with chocolate.

I’ve also realised I didn’t share any photos of them, only on my Instagram story, which I didn’t save. Oh no!

So you live and you learn. Mostly I’ve learned that I would not in a million years be any good on Bake-off, even if I do kid myself that one day I may get a Fielding Fondle. And I’ve also learned that I am super impatient and have the biggest “CBA” attitude ever, since turning 25.

Week 6: Pastry Week 

Now, I’m sure we’ve had the best and the worst of gluten free pastry before. The awful crumb structure of a few pricey pies from a well known health store comes to mind for me. But pastry week’s technical was the lovely Pastéis De Nata – or Portuguese Tarts, as they are known. I’ve never had one, or been to Portugal, so I was keen to try these.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 17.47.44.png

As always, the recipe was on the website, I wanted to make them Dairy Free too. For the puff pastry, I’ve seen some people use Asda’s plain flour, which I 10/10 would recommend, as I would chose that over Doves Farm, depending what I am baking, it’s just a little bit lighter and softer. However, as I’ve mentioned, I do have little patience when it comes to baking and food. So I bought the wonderful Silly Yak pastry, which I’ve used to make gluten free sausage rolls with before, and they went down a storm!

Since Silly Yak is also dairy free, I thought that I would make these dairy free too. All you have to do is use soya milk in the custard instead of cows milk. I have to say, the custard is the best bit about these tarts. It takes time to make, but boy, it’s worth it. I also subbed the flour in the custard part of the recipe for the Asda plain flour.

The instructions say to heat the oven to 250°c, which seems quite high, and yes, it gave that lightly mottled effect on top of the tarts, but burnt some of them. Maybe it’s because my pastry wasn’t rolled evenly, I don’t know. The pastry that wasn’t burnt DID have that lovely flaky texture, and like I said, the filling was absolutely gorgeous. No real swirl on the bottom, however.



I 10/10 will be making them again, after perfecting my pastry rolling technique to ensure they are even.

So even though my bakes weren’t super amazing, (I think cake is my specialty here guys), at least I didn’t leave parchment inside any of them…. (Too shady?)

So how did you guys get on if you attempted them? Any tips for people attempting to bake these? Shoot a comment down below.

Thanks for reading!

Georgina x

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