Review: Good Full Stop. The healthy snack bar with full on flavour.

So, when I first started going gluten free, I immediately got sucked into the gluten free snack bars which were in the free from aisle, and I had VERY mixed feelings about them. I remember walking back from Tesco, the evening of my diagnosis,  with a cocoa and beetroot one which is no longer manufactured, and thinking “Oh great, I have to put up with this for the rest of my life.” In the back of my mind, I was thinking of how much healthier I will be because the snacks I was used to, won’t make me poorly. Still, at this point, I was still getting over the shock of being told that I have to go gluten free, and I was literally so hungry, I would have eaten any old snack regardless of taste.

But do you know what? Two and a half years on and I’m coming to rely on things like snack bars rather heavily. They are a staple in my cupboard, and in my emergency snack pocket, situated in my tote bag. They are popping up everywhere you go, too!

One brand of healthy snack bars is Good Full Stop. They are gluten free, low GI, and the ingredients used means they are veggie, and vegan friendly. These little snack bars host a range of unique and  exciting flavours, made from healthy fruit and nuts. They are made from dates and cashews, making them a great source of fibre and energy, with the natural source of copper that they provide. Most of them even count to one of your five a day! They really are made from wholesome ingredients. Please note, although they are suitable for vegan diets, some of the ones with chocolate in do have a ‘may contain’ warning, regarding milk. Just double check before you purchase in case you have an allergy to milk.


“So, what flavours are on offer, and what are they like?” I hear you ask…

Cherry & Maple – Has that juicy cherry taste from the freeze dried raspberries, but that beautiful aromatic taste of the maple in there.

Choc & Mint – This is super refreshing, there is definitely plenty of mint in there, but the addition of the chocolate chunks balances it out pefectly. It’s like a healthy after eight!

Choc & Orange – So as a coeliac, I can’t eat a popular chocolate orange brand, as it’s unsuitable for us. This tastes as close to what I could remember to them. Similar to the Choc & Mint one, it offers those delicious chunks of cocoa goodness.


Double Choc & Chilli – This one I was very scared about having, because I’ve never had chilli and chocolate! I really REALLY loved this, and think the fiery chilli made my mouth water, and overall it made me feel really cozy inside. I reckon this one will be perfect for cold winter mornings for me.

Fiery Choc & Chilli – This bad boy, has habanero chilli flakes in it! Making it super hot, but the flavours go so well together. I’m sure there’s nothing on the market quite like this!


Double Choc – What can I say, I love chocolate. I loved this. If you are on the move and can’t be bothered to read ingredients labels on chocolates in shops when you want a snack that’s going to give you a good source of energy, this one is for you.

Mixed Nuts – Cashews, hazelnuts AND almonds, I know this one is bound to be packed with vitamin E. And if you guys know me, you will understand how much I love what a good bit of Vitamin E does for my skin! This has a great texture, and is great for if you don’t want anything too sweet.

Mocha & Caffeine – This contains real coffee, and has the same amount of caffeine as an actual cup of coffee! How about that for a snack to keep you buzzing with bunches of energy throughout the day?!

Raspberry – This definitely hit the sweet cravings, was super smooth in texture, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a raspberry flavour bar like this, ever.


Where can I buy them?

Well, you can buy them from their website here. They are available in Holland and Barrett and Grape Tree stores, and you can also grab them in certain independent health food stores, speciality food shops, delicatessens and coffee shops. Keep an eye out for them.

If you are purchasing online, you can use the code GFSBLOG for a mega 50% off your first order!!! How amazing is that!

What I love about this company is their brand values, and where they get their main ingredients from! Their dates come from the Khaipor area in Sindh province, central south Pakistan. The British built the Sukkur Barrage in 1926, the result of which is wide-spread irrigation enabling the production of Dates, Mango’s and Bananas. The company also support SOS Childrens villages in Pakistan, and have adopted two orphaned girls, to help them with their education. How amazing is that?!

Things like this, and the many other causes that they support really influence me personally in choices I make when buying a product. You can read more about things like that in THIS little section on their website.

I know I will probably keep them in mind when it comes to things like nutritious bars, I loved the Choc & Orange, Raspberry and Cherry & Maple flavours the most.

You can follow Good Full Stop on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to hear more and chat about their delicious flavours.

Thanks for reading!

Georgina x

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