Evexia Thrive – The fresh gluten free pasta, with no compromise on taste.


There are a LOT of gluten free pasta varieties on the scene at the moment, from edamame, to butternut squash. With grainless, low-carb and healthy versions being marketed for the gluten free folks, it can make gluten free pasta seem a bit boring from time to time. I absolutely love my comfort food, and I LOVE and MISS gluten free pasta tasting like pasta should. Not like beans, not like veggies such as courgettes, but real carby pasta.

One brand of pasta which always seem to kick up a lot of excitement amongst the free from foodies, is Evexia Thrive. Evexia Thrive create FRESH and CHILLED gluten free pasta, designed for you to enjoy your favourite dishes in minutes! I’d heard a lot about their filled and unfilled pasta, but never really seen it in any of my supermarkets when doing my shop. The pasta comes in chickpea fusilli, and a corn & rice penne, with filled versions being tortellini. Their tortellini comes in Tomato & Mozzarella, and Spinach & Ricotta flavours.


More about Evexia

The brand launched late last year, and its tortellini has already won gold at the Free From Food Awards 2017! The range is all suitable for coeliacs, those following a low FODMAP diet and vegetarians. And what’s more, the fusilli and penne are also suitable for vegans.  It’s available in Sainsbury’s, Asda, Wholefoods and Ocado, with the price starting from £2.


Their range is dedicated to optimising nutritional wellbeing, and to suit busy, modern lifestyles, with no compromise on taste, texture and quality.

When I got my hands on these bad boys, kindly sent to me by Evexia themselves, I couldn’t wait to try them, the tortellini especially. And boy, were they worth the hype. As somebody who works until 9pm, my favourite thing about the range is that they are super quick to cook, meaning that I don’t have to make my unusual ‘teatime’ difficult! The fusilli and penne take 3 minutes, and the tortellini only takes 1 minute,  ONE MINUTE, GUYS! It’s super easy to chop up some fresh veggies, blitz up some fresh pesto, or even heat up a free-from sauce from a jar and serve them with the pasta.

It certainly seems to fit into the busy lifestyle part of things. So how does it fare with not compromising on taste and quality?

Chickpea Fusilli


I’ve recently tried a chickpea pasta brand, and it didn’t taste anything like this fusilli. The chickpea fusilli from Evexia has a gorgeous nutty flavour, and would suit a fully plant based bowl perfectly as it is made with 100% ground chickpeas. Packed with fibre, protein, and with a low glycemic load, this would be perfect with a light sauce to enhance the flavour of those chickpeas! Perfect for coeliacs who want something with extra nutrients.

Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini


This was 100% worth the hype I’ve seen on gluten free groups. With this, I would follow the instruction to cook it TO THE SECOND after placing it in simmering water. I felt that it was perfect with freshly chopped basil and tomatoes with some seasoning. It had tons of flavour already, so if you are cooking this, bear in mind that it’s best paired with something simple. They’re so more-ish!



This is made with corn and rice flour, and could go with just about any sauce, flavour or bake as the taste really is universal. It’s that classic taste and texture of pasta that I miss, but with a really filling element to it. I find other gluten free pastas still leave me hungry straight afterwards! Perfect in an arrabiatta, bolognese, or with carbonara sauce! Yum!

Tomato & Mozzarella Tortellini


Now, this one, I had to keep my eye on it at all times when I was cooking it. It really cooks in a matter of seconds.  The mozzarella and tomato gives you that classic Italian taste, and is quite filling. If I was having a get-together, I would throw this together with some fresh herbs, light dressing and roasted red peppers to create a delicious starter for my guests.

So what are you waiting for? With Evexia Thrive, you can have wholesome gluten-free pasta dishes in a matter of minutes! Perfect for back-to-school season and if you wanted to rustle up a holiday-inspired dish in a flash! Find out more at www.evexiathrive.com 

Thanks for reading!

Georgina x

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