10 lovely things about Barleycup


Yes, it’s official. I am obsessed with Barleycup and have joined the hype. Before trying it, I thought it would be a sub for ovaltine as it’s a “Instant cereal drink made from roasted barley, rye, and chicory.” (I will get around to explaining how it’s gluten free but contains barley)  But when I tried it, I was so impressed, and I absolutely love it.

The lovely folks at Barleycup sent me their original powder, their organic version, and their dandelion drink to try because I had never seen it before let alone taste it! I think they are fantastic. But if you aren’t convinced yet, and don’t knock it till you try it, kids, then read on to see why I absolutely LOVE the stuff.

It’s Accredited by Coeliac UK.

Yes, ALL Barleycup drinks are gluten free and you can check their certification on their website!  They even have the results of recent testing available for you guys to see, if you don’t believe it yourself.
According to Barleycup AND science (ooo, science):

Barleycup is made using a unique process that includes extracting a liquid that is then free from gluten. The extraction process involves washing the ingredients so that the water-soluble elements separate from the roasted raw materials and the non-soluble ones, such as gluten. The gluten is retained in post extraction waste. The extracted liquid is then dried and used either as a powder or granules.

It’s a great caffeine free alternative to tea and coffee, making it a superb bedtime drink!

I personally don’t deal well with caffeinated drinks, I get IBS symptoms from it, especially if I drink it in the morning. So I like this because it tastes similar to coffee, with that nice refreshing element to it that tea has. I can’t really describe the drink well, but all I know is that I like it, and my stomach like it. Additionally, if you’re pregnant, I imagine this drink would be FANTASTIC. I love to sleep, A LOT. So this is perfect for me.


It’s low calorie

A cup of Barleycup on its own contains around only 10 calories! So if you want that caffeine free drink at night, but you don’t want a sugary hot chocolate, Barleycup makes a great substitute.

It’s a source of fibre

I don’t know about you, but since going gluten free, I understand the importance of fibre in your diet. With the main ingredients in Barleycup being cereal based, you can see how drinking several cups of it will help with your fibre intake if you follow a balanced diet.

It’s so smooth!

I love this quality of Barleycup so much. For so long I’ve got that awful coffee taste, or teabag taste at the bottom of my mug. With this, I can drink it and the taste is so consistent.


It has a great mild taste

I usually have to chuck several sachets of sugar and milk into my coffee, which is why I don’t drink it. But Barleycup is great on its own or with milk and sweetener if you’d prefer. There are so many ways you could drink it, like in a cappucino, or iced. You can even check out how to use it in your recipes on their website! Click HERE to have a look!

It’s made with all natural ingredients, and contains no artificial additives

No chemicals are used in the process of growing the barley or other ingredients, and all of these natural plant based goodness is roasted, and extracted to make the powder form of it!

The Dandelion one is super refreshing!

Barley cup with Dandelion  contains no dextrose or lactose, but also has sugar beet to keep it naturally sweet.  The dandelion root in it is very sought after, as it’s supposedly a source of wellbeing. Dandelion is said to be good for the liver and digestion. So this would be great for the accidental glutenings.

The organic version is EU certified organic

The organic version of Barleycup is farmed respecting natural life cycles, the environment and animals! You can be sure that the final product doesn’t compromise on taste!


It’s suitable for everyone!

As Barleycup is very nutritious, it can be enjoyed by children as young as three years old!  If you drink it with milk you also have the benefit of those added vitamins, whether it’s plant based or cow’s milk. My pregnant sister is super eager to try it too!


So there you have it! If you have tried it before, what is YOUR favourite thing about it? If you haven’t, you MUST give it a go!

Thanks for reading!

Georgina x

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