My June Favourites!

So, June is almost over, and it’s time for my monthly favourites!


I have always loved Paperchase, it’s my favourite stationery store, and there are a lot of unusual, quirky products in there. I recently got a few things in their sale, including an umbrella, because you ALWAYS need one when you live in the North West of England like I do. I got a really cute meal planner for my wall, too, a goals list, and this incredible book ‘beautiful you’, a journal for healthy eating and beauty. This book is fantastic and has a helpful list of foods which are good for your skin, hair and body. It helps to monitor lifestyle choices, set goals, and identify problems with your current lifestyle routine.



Liv Organic Food Market, Liverpool

This place is INSANE. It’s this huge supermarket on Bold Street which sells so many great things. They have a massive gluten free section, but a lot of their products are naturally gluten free. It’s a little expensive, but a lot of their products are european, so that’s probably why. I did pick up some Doves Farm flapjacks, and mini bread rolls, which will be great with some soup.



Lush Spa Treatment, The Sound Bath


This is a 90 minute scalp and facial massage, using hot and cold stones, and ear candles. The whole treatment is all about balance, and uses  360° sound to deliver an incredible experience. The therapist uses things like tuning forks on your  Chakras, and it really is magical from the start. If you’d have told me the fragrance used in this treatment was the mix of Lush’s Inhale & Exhale which make up their ‘Breath of God’ perfume, I’d have had this a long time ago. I feel like all of my negative thoughts have been pushed out of my brain.



La Roche Posay Effaclar


I have a LOT of meal deals, and a lot of Advantage card points at Boots. So I treated myself to the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ and their micellar water. The Duo+ really helped clear my breakouts and the micellar water is one of the best I’ve tried in terms of using less cotton pads to remove makeup. Well worth a look into if you suffer from acne.


Chester Zoo

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My boyfriend, James adopted the two-toed sloths for me there, as I’M COMPLETELY OBSESSED with them. And we had some free tickets, so for my birthday we went, I saw the adoption board with my name on, and there were quite a few places to get gluten free food from. I opted for the gluten free pizza, which was incredible. I had such a great day, there was definitely a baby boom around the zoo.



Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 18.32.42.png

These bad boys are so comfortable! I always used to wear skinny jeans, but with the warm weather we have been having (plus the fact I gained weight) I just love them. So much freedom, and swooshing. Elasticated ones are great! I got two pairs of black ones for work, from Asda, and Primark. I DEFINITELY can see me getting more, they are perfect for the accidental ‘gluten belly’.


And finally…

These sloth T-shirts from Chester Zoo


Obviously I wouldn’t be the Coeliac Sloth, without something sloth related. These were kids size large from the gift shop, though I could get away with a medium. I swear I will never take these off.


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