Amisa Organic Gluten Free Seeded Bread Mix – [PRODUCT REVIEW]


I recently posted on my Instagram about the little food haul from the new Holland and Barrett More in Manchester. It’s two floors guys, and you can make your own beauty products upstairs! What more could you want?!

Part of that haul contained a few products from Amisa Organic. I’d never heard or seen of Amisa until I went into H&B, but they do a lot of allergy friendly, nutritious products, as well as them being preservative and pesticide free! So I totally dig them, of course.

One of the products I got was their Seeded bread mix. Now, I don’t have a bread maker, I absolutely suck at making bread, I can’t prove to save my life, and usually my bread tastes like baking powder. So I rely heavily on buying bread or spending time trying to bake pre-packed mixes correctly, which I still fail at.


The bread mix retails at £3.49, which isn’t bad considering the mix is free from yeast, wheat, gluten, milk, nuts, and egg . So you can enjoy this with your pals, or if you have little ones, it would be an excellent and fun way to keep them occupied.

My favourite thing about this mix is that you don’t need to prove the dough at all! It’s ready in 2 simple steps, and you can’t grumble at that!  The process is a bit like making a quick bread I guess, the only kind of bread that I’ve managed to successfully bake.

All you need to add to it is 500ml of cold water, and mix. Pop it straight into your greased loaf tin, and then brush the top with water.


To get the crust, put a small ovenproof dish filled with 5cm of water in the bottom of the oven with your bread on the middle shelf. Leave it in for 5 minutes and then remove the water, and bake the mix for 60 minutes. This gave me the five minutes to do my face mask, and the 60 minutes to get my arse in gear for the day.

When the bread is cooled, the crust is so thick, but the bread is fluffy, and doesn’t taste like oil or baking soda. My only issue with the bread is that it’s quite crumbly, but I guess that’s the nature of gluten free products.

Overall, I can’t wait to have this with my veggie soup or to make cheesy garlic bread with this. I do have their corn rigatoni and it is so good, it makes an amazing mac and cheese. I will definitely be trying out some more of their products again as they are a very good quality, and worth the money. When I bought this, it was a week when they had their buy one, get one half price offer. So I absolutely recommend you go and get their products when they have sales on such as this if you’re into saving money.


Thank you for reading, let us know if you have tried this, has it been successful? What other products from Amisa Organic do you like?

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Georgina x

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