February Favourites 2017

February has been another great month for us free-from foodies,with Tesco bringing out some new goodies, and a few improvements on the restaurant side of things as well. So here are five of the best things (in my opinion) that I have discovered and would love to share with you guys!

The Chiquito new Gluten free Menu

Chiquito Mexican Bar and Grill, launched their new gluten free menu early on in February which is Coeliac UK accredited. The restaurant chain have been working closely with Coeliac UK and although they have removed a few things from their own ‘gluten intolerant’ menu, there are some new amazing treats including a new dessert which are guaranteed safe from contamination. I went as soon as I could after the launch, and you can read about what’s available and how it compares to their old menu HERE

GF Edinburgh

So this place is pretty much the gluten free equivalent to Greggs. As you can gather, GF means good food, gluten free. It opened in January 2017, and is a small store near Haymarket station where you can get amazing hot and cold gluten free food. It’s relatively cheap prices and I even managed to pick up some wheat free bakery doughnuts from there. I visited when I was in the city for a break, and it’s nice to show some love to the small businesses.

Tesco’s new ready meals

Tesco are at it again with a bunch of brand new gluten free ready meals, and at £2.50 a pop, they’re not too shabby. The range now adds up to TEN choices of ready meals ranging from Green thai chicken curry to Beef Casserole. I tried the Chicken Katsu curry and it was to die for. Well done Tesco. You can shop the range online and in store. They also have a new syrup sponge pudding, pancakes and carbonara pasta pot.

Schwartz new sachets

So their new packet mixes are gluten free, and honestly, they taste the same as what I remember from before my gluten free days. I recently tried the mac and cheese and chilli con carne and they were lovely. However, I still prefer my own homemade chilli recipe, and I really need to try my American friend’s garlic mac and cheese recipe. You can get them at Morrisons and some are in the free from aisle in Tesco.

Full of grace facial serum

I’ve mentioned before about how I like to make sure everything I put on my face is gluten free in case I EAT MY OWN FACE. Not really but I eat a lot so want to keep gluten off my hands and around my mouth at all costs, lip licking is one I seem to do a lot. I’ve been getting a lot of dry flaky sensitive itchy skin on my face, and I trust LUSH (mainly because I work there, but also because all of the ingredients are easy to read up on) But Full of Grace is a deeply nourishing, soothing, revitalising solid serum bar that you glide onto your skin, and it works so well as an alternative to a night cream. It would be fantastic for people who get Dermatitis Herpetiformis. And it sinks in to your skin really well.

Starbucks new breakfast options

I walk past three Starbucks on my way to work and I have seen the A-Boards outside advertising their new breakfast options. I often pop in if it’s a gloomy day and I saw them in the fridge, there is a scrambled egg spinachy type option and a Poached egg with spicy chorizo and potato. I checked the label and they are gluten free and they are heated up in their containers. The Poached egg is perfect every time, and it’s the right level of spice. After brownie-gate, I’m sure you’ll all be pleased with these hot food options.

So these were my top picks for February. Hope you enjoyed. Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments.

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Georgina x

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