Gluten Free Edinburgh. My top 5 places to eat 2017

If any of you guys follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that I recently visited Edinburgh for a Valentines break, courtesy of my OH. I’ve been to Scotland before, and I’ve always been impressed by the range of gluten free food available for us to eat, both to eat in, and to take away. So I was looking forward to going and making this break a bit of a food holiday. There’s so much to see and do, and all of the walking does leave you needing to fuel up for the day, which is why I was amazed at the quality of the gluten free food I ate along the way. And thanks to the yummy GF goodness I ate, here is my list of my favourite places to go and stuff your face!

1. The Baked Potato Shop


This place is incredible. I have a lot of veggie and vegan mates, and I have heard a lot of good rumours about it for being ‘the hottest tattie in town’. Of course I am that person recommending a baked potato, however this snug little store on Cockburn Street in the Old Town doesn’t disappoint, and they do soups as well. They have  gluten free fillings, and a medium sized piping hot tatty is probably enough to feed my entire family.

2. Scottish National Gallery

If you love art as much as I do, you can spend some time in the Scottish National Gallery and have tea and a cake while admiring the work of Monet and Van Gough, as well as artwork and exhibitions from the youth projects around Edinburgh. I enjoyed a gluten free banana loaf, and they also have soups and salad boxes available, however my sweet tooth can’t resist a nice frosting!

3.Maison De Moggy

Scotlands first ever Cat Cafe, Maison de Moggy on Westport is a fantastic place if you want to relax for an hour with some gorgeous happy kitties. They serve locally produced hot drinks and some delicious cakes, and there of course, are gluten free options available (if Elodie, the first sphinx in a cat cafe doesn’t pinch it before you get to tuck in). I have to admit I didn’t get the chance to try out their cake as I was too busy playing with the cats. It’s best to pre-book with them, as the cafe does have certain rules for visitors to keep the cats safe.

4. GF Edinburgh

The hype is real about this place folks. This place opened up in January 2017 near Haymarket and lives up to it’s tagline ‘Good food, gluten free’. Although this is a cafe, it’s more like a takeaway, like a gluten free Greggs, with two seats in the window. Everything is gluten free, low priced, and they make food such as cakes and sweet treats, freshly made hot lasagne, paninis and they even stock some wheat free bakery goodies. GF also have veggie and vegan options available too and the owners are super friendly.

5. Loudons Cafe and Bakery

I’ve saved the best till last here, as Loudons was my absolute favourite. There is a note on their website about contamination with the flour from the bread that they bake fresh every day. But the bread is made downstairs in their own bakery, where all of the other food is prepared in the cafe area. The cafe and bakery on Fountainbridge is spacious, friendly and has plenty of gluten free, veggie and vegan options. We went at breakfast time and the menu is so large that you won’t be stuck for choice. I did have both of the gluten free pancake options available, which were the Blueberry Pancakes and Superfood ones, which were made from spinach and had a black bean and avocado hummus. The food was to die for here, and I really wish I was back there right now.

I didn’t really eat in any restaurants in the evening there, we relied on street food for money saving reasons, but I would probably have gone to a chain restaurant around there. We also stayed in the Mercure hotel, and the only gluten free options there were sandwiches and yogurt. I really recommend Scotland, I’m always amazed about how advanced they are with adhering to dietary requirements. I come from the Black Country, so I know how difficult it is to eat out, but I got so excited by all of the places I saw that advertised gluten free on their window.

So there was my top 5 gluten free places to eat in Edinburgh. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to subscribe, and follow me on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter.


Georgina x

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